Murphy's Law (theunicursalhex) wrote in chainmail,
Murphy's Law

I have a question about pilers...

I make chainmail necklaces, bracelets and some small, what I like to call "art pieces" of chainmail, usually at night when I can't sleep. But lately I've noticed my pilers I use to seal the rings are leaving marks on the rings that look bad.

I bought a wholesale lot of rings years ago, many were colored or copper and I used those up first and didn't have a problem with scratches on the rings, but with the silver ones I do and I am not sure what these rings are made of.   I think it is probably aluminum, but I am not 100% sure.

Anyone have any suggestions for me?  Perhaps a way I could cover the tips of my pilers or maybe I can buy some new pilers?  I am just not sure what ones to buy.  

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