Rachel (lightsailor) wrote in chainmail,

Heyos! Dunno if I've posted here before, but I've been lurking for some time.

For xmas I made a rosary for a friend. There are similar things out there, but I used unusual weaves for the cross and the large beads, so thought you might find this interesting. And it's purty. ^_^

Weave info (same as on the page linked to by the collage):

I'm not 100% certain about wire gauges, as all wire used was acquired at least a year ago. All wire/links are from The Ring Lord. I wound the niobium links myself and they seem to have a fair bit of springback.

Connecting links: 20ga 1/8" ID stainless steel, bought as links.

Cross: full-persian variant, One Hour Less Sleep (guide #1, guide #2).
20ga anodized niobium, 3/16" ID+.

Large beads and 3-way large bead: something I got after doing bad, bad things with the B^2 Unit. I'll try to come up with an explanation at some point.
20ga anodized niobium, large links 3/16" ID+, small links 1/8" ID+.

Small beads: 4-ring Moebius balls.
18ga anodized niobium, 3/16" ID+.
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