lil'laurel (lil_laurel) wrote in chainmail,

more! more!

So i'm thinking of placing another order for rings, since i'm really enjoying making things and i think some smaller rings would be good for more feminine looking items (as y'all suggested).

I originally bought "Anodized Aluminum Jewelry Kit - 16g 5/16'" set through The Ring Lord. I like using the colors, and found it was really helpful when learning, 'cause i could follow better.

If i'm mainly doing jewelery things (chokers, bracelets, i'd like to try handflowers) what size rings should i be looking at? Should i stick with aluminum or go for another material? I don't know if i'm ready to move into the very tiny stuff yet.

I did end up making a Persian weave correctly, and gave away a bright aluminum collar and a purple bracelet. I'm still wearing my 'mistake' that seems to look good. :)
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