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In the Works

I've got a couple of maille projects that are either finished or at least getting fairly close, so here are some pics for those who are interested.

One of our newbie Amtgarders, Beka, is modeling one of my stranger pieces.
You would probably call this 'ringmail' instead of chainmail, since the weave is so open. The large rings are 1" welded rings (either zinc or nickel plated... nickel I think), and the small ones are 5/16" 16 gauge spring-tempered stainless, with blue annodized aluminum thrown in to make it a little fancier (the blue shows up better in real life than on camera).
There's a trick to this one, in that it's (mostly) Japanese 4in1, but instead of hanging straight, it's all on a 45-degree bias, so that it acts like european 4in1, and 'stretches' to hug the body of the wearer, instead of doing that thing japanese weaves usually do, which is just to hang straight down like a curtain.

The upper section, shown here, is Japanese 6in1, because otherwise that same tendency to pull in snugly would try to close the shoulders into the wearer's neck, throttling him or her (I found this out the hard way--gack!!)

All that open space means it's pretty lightweight, despite the big chunky rings. Beka had never worn armor before, and she seemed to fall in love with it instantly; she wore it for a couple of hours of fighting and had no problems with it at all.

I might or might not add sleeves; I'm still debating it.

Here's a more conventional shirt, European 4in1 in 14 gauge stainless steel (torso), with annodized aluminum lower sleeves, and assorted blackened stainless, nickel silver, and just a bit of titanium thrown in. Eventually the torso will be longer, to make it a hauberk (and obviously that other sleeve needs to be finished, too).
This is another newbie at our park wearing it, and he didn't lace up the throat (and believe me I bugged him about it). Oh well.

Speaking of sleeves... I'm not completely happy with this setup. I saw a shirt at an Amtgard event last year with the sleeves like this, the 'wrong' way, where the weave hangs open, and I thought I'd give it a try and see how it looked.

It 'kinda' works, and I definitely like the way the blue and black and silver go together, but I'm pretty sure I want to tear it apart and run the rings the other way.

I do like this little bit; a patch of european 8in2, with 16 gauge spring-tempered stainless and annodized aluminum. The change in texture from the surounding 14 gauge, and the blue/silver sandwitched together like that, looks really nifty (in my opinion).

It seems like I can never get a good picture of my jewelry; maybe it's the camera, maybe it's just me.
Anyway, this is my second try at half-persion 4in1; I think it came out pretty good.
It's 1/4" 18 gauge, alternating stainless steel and annodized aluminum, with that same sword pendant I've had for years now.

Miss Miyu likes it too!

That's it; more pics when I finish stuff.
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